Having been a student and practitioner of the Pilates technique under the wise and capable guidance of Ms. Galliano for the past eight years, I can attest she is eminently qualified to teach the work of Joseph Pilates.

Ms. Galliano is highly-respected by all of her students for her mastery of the Pilates method, having studied with teachers who were personally trained by Mr. Pilates. Moreover, we admire her consummate dedication and studious, scientific approach to the work; she is always delving deeper seeking new knowledge and insight. As evidence of her professional expertise and reputation, she has been invited to hold workshops around the world, as well as in the United States.

Ms. Galliano’s international teaching experience demonstrates her facility to adapt to various cultural environments and interact with people in different countries. She is personable and gracious, possesses personal integrity and represents our country and her profession well.” (Anna Strasberg,The Lee Strasberg Theatre & Film Institute.October 12, 2009)


Siri Dharma has a regal way about her. She has been a good friend and my personal Pilates trainer for 10 years. She is the ultimate professional. Everything Siri does embraces a rare sense of integrity and passion for perfection. She truly cares about her clients and, is unhesitatingly. loyal to Joseph Pilates and his methods of instructions.

Siri Dharma has been deeply involved for years, on her own, doing personal, extensive research in order to fill out missing information about Joe Pilates life and teachings. She has scoured libraries, written articles for magazines, and sent for information overseas.

Siri has taught Pilates and lectured extensively to thousands of people in the States and internationally. She is an excellent example of the American spirit.

Lyn Davis Lear, Ph.d. (Mrs. Norman Lear)


“You are the boss!” (Sting)


“You have had a profound influence on me and I thank you for taking the last 15 months and committing to me. You have a great gift. You make me laugh and have given me a great butt. I thank God every day for you.” (Carrie-Anne Moss, The Matrix Reloaded & The Matrix Revolutions)



“What a breath of fresh air to have you come over to teach us. I cannot thank you enough. I have not stopped hearing your name and have had nothing but praises, not only about your teaching but your ease with which you seemed to connect with our teachers.” (Teacher Training Program, London Body Control Pilates)


“I am new again. Thank you.”

Denis Shafikov, Light Middleweight Champion


“Siri  has been a guest teacher for the Hamilton High School Body Dynamics class for over 10 years, graciously gifting the students with her time and expertise. The classes have enrollments ranging from 40-70 teenage students. Siri shows great command of the class,is very engaging and witty in her presentation with a bit of humor thrown in as well. She does not just teach the exercises, but is very clear about why we do them and the benefits derived from them. Her calm demeanor and clear directions creates an environment where all the students can feel comfortable. It has been our good fortune she has shared her knowledge and experience with so many students throughout the years.” ( Molly O’Brien. Teacher)

“Unfortunately I am lazy. I lack motivation to complete most exercises; however, with Siri  and her positive attitude vibe I am comfortable trying my hardest. I feel energized and healthy after each class, which has been amazing.” (Rita Valentine. High School Student.)

“I’ve been to the gym before;afterwards, I experienced a lot of physical pain and discomfort. I’ve taken three classes with  Siri  and every time my  body feels like I can climb a mountain and my confidence has increased. I k now that I have problems with my ankles and hips, yet while I’m doing pilates I understand how my body is in alignments and misaligned. I now know what I can do to offset certain physical limitations due to family history. Above all I feel great and I definitely want to continue it in my life. Thank you! ” (Jeffrey Crawford. High School Student.)

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