The Spring Pilates Post

The Spring Pilates Post

The Full moon rises behind me while the sun setting shows Venus bright, bright above me in the sky, with snow mountains and water on my left and beautiful Russian friends on my right, I walk the path in Big Bear, thrilled by the air and flocks of birds flying in changing patterns and by strong health that has returned. Thought I was slowing down but invitations keep coming so I will leave my mountain fantasy and meet you in person to share my passion and experience to motivate and organize your Pilates body,equipment, and career.

Everyone else, just add in one good thing, like a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar in your water glass or stretching in bed, and take out one bad thing, like fear or laziness & shut off the TV for music.

The Spring opens the Earth to new possibilities, walk, soak in water, watch a candle or fire to still yourself. to listen to your direction. Keep moving,stay in your trance and cross over the ocean of life, taking as many people in your boat as possible and,
“Don’t worry the One who rotates the Earth will take care of your affairs.(YB)”

With love from 7000 feet,

Siri Dharma Galliano