The Pilates Post December 18, 2016

The Pilates Post December 18, 2016

The Pilates Post December 18, 2016

You never know WHAT the Mystery has in store for you, certainly never imagined I would be sailing to Sweden, eating a Danish in Denmark every day, and taking a photo doing the mermaid next to the Little Mermaid!

Teaching is a destiny that can bring magic.

The desire to learn more on how to prevent pain, or take more responsibility is a wonderful energy.

When I ask all these teachers what do they NEED, the most common response is “Inspiration.” Results give you inspiration, and you as a coach,must inspire others. Pampering is not inspiring, Setting goals,having a plan is. In other pilates courses, too often you are on the sidelines watching, or listening to someone’s theory. Movement is what heals, not just the body, the sluggish will.

Make the system simple, just do what you need, and then find ways in your house or travel to keep technique. Stretch in the shower! Stand in the line!

I give out easy recipes for applying Pilates to the body and the body to the apparatus. Common sense formulas. Romana’s 3 R’s .

Language is important and I like what Joe Pilates called the exercises and equipment. It was not the Cadillac and Guillotine or Electric Chair. It’s the Rehabilitative Table, The Gym in the Door, and the Exercise Chair.

The equipment is a big key. Let me make it simpler for you using Joe Pilates original approach of “corrective and progressive resistance” meaning, the springs support you while the apparatus aligns you and strengthens you, for the healthy or not.

I hope you have Pilates not just in your head, but in bed and in your home.

Just “doing it” on my Pilates’ Spine Corrector  at 7000 feet,

Siri Dharma Galliano