The Pilates Post November 19, 2016

The Pilates Post November 19, 2016

Hello ! How exciting for me to be out of the USA and be writing this from Denmark and Sweden(Thank you Sara and Petra!) I had no idea I would ever be at the top of the globe, and six year old Danielle never knew how much he loved Big Bear moose pajamas!

After meeting the incredible Romana in 1989, I joined her self-appointed mission to preserve the original method of Joe Pilates, not only educating, but enlightening teachers to the possibilities of independence from the mental and political games of the educators who are profit and dangerous control freaks. Rather then spending thousands of dollars going to the PMA or PTA, instructors who don’t want to waste money and time at a party walking the red carpet(really?) or pretending they are on a magazine cover (seriously?) are attending or producing intimate workshops for a marathon intensive review which uniquely includes an equipment checkup and studio makeover.

My impressions of Denmark and Sweden: people are whole here, in good marriages, good health and spirits, alot of men training in Pilates, teachers co-operating rather than competing. When in doubt, ask, are they giving me something or wanting something? Away from the Diva personalties, the Pilates System, under the kindness of the much used and abused Bob Liekens, is strong and correct with the Pilates Standard. I just help with my huge career in working with 50,000 bodies(and minds) and deliver humor, and warnings of equipment and people.

Join me: Carmel in June 2017, London in June and July, 2017.


For those of you completely distressed by politics, remember, on this planet, God is the government. I get strength, peace,and perspective from watching the night sky. Although Mars is the planet of War, Venus, the planet of Love, is always there, close to the Sun. Especially now. Trust the Universe.