In this illuminating workshop, Siri extensively covers this unique and vital Pilates apparatus from it’s original name (the Trapeze Table for it’s swinglike bars), to the ‘anatomy’ of the apparatus, how to maintain it, safety issues to be aware of, and different uses for it. You’ll learn how to take full advantage of the Cadillac’s many parts, from how to make your springs lighter, where an instructor can place your feet while spotting a client, what to use the low hooks near the floor for, and much more. Siri then takes students of different levels and body types through a wide variety (including some rarely used standing work) of exercises that show why the Cadillac is so wonderful for addressing almost any issue whether it be fixing an older client with a back problem to conditioning an elite athlete. She shares her own journey toward recovery after an accident that has led her to appreciate Pilates anew and demonstrates what to look for in a body and how to choose appropriate exercises for that body’s needs. Filmed at the LA Pilates Intensive, July 2011.

Many people have the impression that Pilates is simply a workout done on a Reformer or a mat. As Siri Dharma Galliano explains in this 90 minute workshop aimed at Teachers, seeing Pilates in this way is overly-simplified. Pilates is more than just a workout on one or two apparatus, rather it is a complex system of over 500 corrective exercises, using many different apparatus, which are meant to be applied to the immediate and particular needs of each individual. For instructors, learning to use the complete Pilates system effectively can be a challenging and overwhelming task. Here, Siri shares her own strategies and secrets to maximizing the system: from how to organize your sessions; how to understand your client’s body needs; how to set goals for your client that will motivate them and give you a plan on how to train them, to looking for symmetry and imbalances in the body and how to choose the right apparatus and/or exercises for that body. Using the bodies in her workshop, she then shows her own system in action by presenting examples of how to work with the different body types, needs, goals and imbalances presented to her.

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