Congratulations to Sergey Kovalev

Congratulations to Sergey Kovalev

Congratulations to Sergey Kovalev

Congratulations to Sergey Kovalev, undefeated light heavyweight champion of the world, who won last week against Bernard Hopkins. How exciting it was that millions of people through HBO got to see Vil train him at our Big Bear studio. Using that Neck Stretcher is really important if you are taking dozens of hits!

When Sergey came to our house and saw my archival boxing books, he was surprised to find a woman researching boxing history as he didn’t know Joe Pilates was a boxer.  I’ll repeat that story at the  May 1-4 2015 Pilates Origins San Francisco Bay Conference.

It cracks me up that two different organizations this week sent out emails on “How to train a man” and “Stretching a man’s hips”. First you have to shut up, and second, few want to train with women. I’ve learned a lot from the boxers and circus acrobats, not in technique but in professionalism. Doubt you will see fighters or acrobats at the PMA but you will at our courses.These are not looking to party or belong somewhere socially. They are looking for substance and strong technique.  Also annoying this week was Peak’s email blast looking for “Star Trainers.” Folks, we are not the stars, we are the servants, the teachers to the stars, and every body is a star. That is the secret to success. Not continuing education credits.

Thank you to Mo Wolfe from Evolution Pilates for her V.I.P. hosting again. Her generosity, ethics and the way she treats people is reflected by her huge studio success. Whether you are sweet and brilliant or whiny is no different than your work. (Note to cheap teacher struggling in her living room who doesn’t tip Pilates delivery people.) From Mo l learned that you can save yourself hundreds of dollars by just taping the bottom of the older reformer boxes, and she stacks her jumpboards in file holders on the floor!  The beauty of traveling to all your studios is seeing tips like that. So many non-classical teachers have just parts of the method. If you have a half-combo unit instead of a Cadillac many important exercises, like extension and traction and inversion that are part of the method are lost. Mo upgraded her equipment from my last visit so this year. I could give full hanging to the sweet-beyond- sweet Angela, the 75 yr old. German teacher who drove hours to take three privates as well as the entire workshop. I am reminded that Joe Pilates was from strong, strong genetic stock, determined to manifest his inventions and vision, and generous in leaving society his documented research.

My federal deposition from Sean Gallagher suing me for $750,000, is on November 21st. My legal fees are mounting so, Thursday, November 20th,and possibly Saturday Nov. 22, I will be teaching  at Cotrone Pilates in Los Angeles, to pay for expenses if anyone wants privates or a workout, or let’s do an intensive at your place!

You can also just donate to help my lone fight for the public to receive Joe Pilates’ photographs he left in the public domain.

Either outcome, it is the Russian Circus performers who keep healing me with their hearts, crafts, and souls. This December 14th is a big numbered birthday for me, and they have invited me back to see “Zarkana” in Las Vegas. Who is coming to celebrate with me??????

With love from 7000 feet,

Siri Dharma Galliano

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